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Hello, I'm Lou

I am a freelance illustrator and designer specialising in editorial and advertising projects. My work incorporates conceptual often witty ideas with a clean, minimalistic composition. I enjoy working on topics such as mental health, sex and relationship, women's rights, and opinion pieces. 
When not illustrating, I love doing music photography, attending to concerts and festivals, and traveling. 


Google Arts & Culture  •  The Washington Post  •  NPR  •  The New Statesman  •  Quanta Magazine  •  Politico Europe  • The Big Issue  •  Forbes Hungary  •  Glamour  •  Breathe Magazine  • 
Midwives Magazine  •  Redactive Media Group  •  Airbus Helicopters  •  Popshot Magazine  • 
The Covent Gardener  •  Facilitate Magazine  •  Foyer Magazine  •  Noema Magazine  • 
Generalitat Valenciana  •  Telex  •  Eradigm Consulting  •  Soil Heroes 

Awards & recognitions

2024 - American Illustration Awards - Chosen Winner
2022 - 
Global Healthcare Illustration Awards - Shortlisted
2022 - World Illustration Awards - Longlisted Artist (Editorial / New Talent)


2023 - Mentoring emerging talents at the Arena UK 

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